What’s Making Me Happy

The last couple of days have been a little serious so I thought I’d do a round of “What’s Making Me Happy”.

1) Fellow Bloggers/WritersJo Eberhardt did a wonderful post today about “breaths” in a storyline, how action needs to be broken up by pauses that allow the reader to take a breath. The novel I am currently revising is in need of these “breaths” and Jo was gracious enough to devote a whole post to the subject based on one of my earlier comments. Thanks Jo!

2) New Asimov – On one of my frequent trips to Half-Price Books I found a collection of Asimov stories I had never read. As some of you may have guessed I am a huge Asimov fan and have read most of his material (at least his fiction), so I was delighted to find something I had not read. For those who are interested the book is Azazel, a collection of stories about a mischievous two-centimeter demon. Limerick on the back cover FTW!

3) Old Asimov – And going along with the Asimov theme, I am re-reading The Caves of Steel, one of the first Asimov books I can remember reading (at the suggestion of my mother). It’s the first of his robot novels, and is interwoven with my other favorite genre, mystery.

4) Good Old Games – My favorite gaming site recently signed Square Enix which owns the IP of a lot of titles put out by Eidos including one of my favorite games of all time: Deus Ex. Here’s hoping they also put out the PC versions of FF7 and FF8 (not that I have any time to game anyway!).

5) Life Group – Today is Wednesday so barring unforeseen weather disturbances my wife and I will be spending time at our weekly Bible Study for the first time in a couple of weeks. It’s been really nice to get to know this group of people over the last few months and it’s one of the best ways to get through the week.

6) My Wife – Last, but certainly not least, is my wife Hannah. Specifically this week she’s been very supportive of new Facebook group (she made the logo), as well as the years she’s been encouraging of the writing even when it means less time together. A particular treat are the nights when she comes out with me to Crimson Cup or Panera and reads Grisham while I revise.

What’s been making you happy this week?

NOTE: Those of you familiar with the “Pop Culture Happy Hour” will know that this is a segment that always ends the show. One of my little writing goals is for one of the panel to see one of my stories or the blog and say that’s what’s making them happy.

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