Life’s Simple Answers

“We want an answer to Life, The Universe and Everything. Something simple.”

A few weeks ago the republican candidates for president were asked to define themselves with one word. Their choices were Consistent, Courage, Resolute and Cheerful (I’ll let you guess who said what).

For myself I’ve chosen three words: Writer, Programmer, Singer.

I think we like simple answers, but even with three times as many words there’s a lot about myself I’ve left out.

For starters I could add “christian”, as my faith informs all three of these passions in my life. Now that I’m married “husband” wouldn’t be a bad choice, and hopefully someday “father”.

But even with additions there’s a lot I’m leaving out. I used to sing, but I haven’t been part of a choir for over a year. I’m working as a programmer, but rarely create any programs for myself. I love to write, but there is still so much more I am striving to achieve before I feel I can change “writer” to “author”.

Something about life defies an easy answer. If it didn’t 42 would be as good an answer as any.

I like the complicated answers, the ones that take time and discussion to muddle out. My dad and I have been talking about classic literature and thought. There’s a conversation that’s been happening through human thought and literature from the days of Plato, Aristotle and Socrates to the modern thinkers of today. It takes place in styles of literature, in ideas, in science, in all areas of life.

I want to be part of this conversation.

Some fun in honor of this our 42nd post:

I had a little fun with Yahoo’s Babel fish doing some back and forth translation. I started with the following phrase in English, “Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy“, and translated it into a number of different languages and back again to English. Here are the results:

Chinese: The traveller guides to the galaxy
French: The hitch-hikers guide with the galaxy
German: Tramper lead to the galaxy
Italian: The Hitchhikers guides to the galaxy
Japanese: The hitchhiker leads to the galaxy
Portuguese: The Hitchhikers guides to the galaxy
Russian: Hitchhikers direct to the galaxy
Spanish: The hitchhikers direct to the galaxy

If you had some other words to describe the Republican candidates you are not alone. The Daily Beast posted some word clouds that sum up public opinion. You can see them here.

I’ve added a Blogroll to the site and have a few other updates planned. Stay tuned!

And finally

What one word (or three) would you use to describe yourself?

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