What’s Making Me Happy (#2)

It’s Friday and in PCHH tradition it’s time for another round of what’s making me happy, in no particular order.

1) Friend and fellow blogger Brian will be visting on Saturday for an overnight geek weekend. If we work for four hours we might get two more minutes of our fake sub done.

2) Enjoyed staying up way too late on Wednesday (3am) watching the end of Buffy Season 6 with the wife. If you’re a fan of powerful redheads with pitch black eyes, this is for you (also Babylon 5’s Lyta).

3) GOG (Good Old Games) has started selling new and indie titles including a very fun Czech puzzle adventure, Machinarium. Conversations and backstory are told in thought bubbles and the music and artwork is very unique. Hearkens back to the days of VGA matte painting. Definitely going to be some playing of this (and Rayman Origins) this weekend.

4) The blog crossed 50 posts this week. I really can’t express how thankful I am for all of you who have commented, liked, followed, and just kept coming back even on the days when I haven’t posted anything. BTW someone (or a bot) checked out my about page from a Google search 21 times on Monday. What a delightfully weird stat.

5) My taxes are finally done!

6) Had a great time last weekend celebrating my Grandpa’s 92nd birthday. He’s a very special guy, and it was good to see some of my family I haven’t had a chance to see in a couple of years. For those who haven’t read it you should check out the 40-minute story “Pool“, kinda my birthday gift this year.

7) The Simpsons is going as strong as ever despite what anyone tells you. Just watched “Them, Robot” yesterday (my 2nd favorite of the season after “The Book Job”). See if you can pick out who the special guest star is.

8) It’s the end of the month and so it’s time for the afternoon “cupcake meeting”, my company’s birthday celebration with Buehler’s cupcakes. The icing on top is nearly a third of the cupcake’s total height.

9) My car is fixed!

10) And finally as always the little red haired girl, who works way harder than I do, and is very special not only in my life but in the lives of others.

Have a good weekend everyone! What’s making you happy this week?


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3 responses to “What’s Making Me Happy (#2)

  1. Chuck Conover

    Little red haired girl? I am going to start calling you Charlie Brown …

  2. The Little Red Haired Girl

    You’re making me happy this week 🙂 Love you!

  3. “If we work for four hours we might get two more minutes of our fake sub done.” MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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