Baby You Just Got Slapped

Thought we’d try something different today. Inspired in part by this post on social reading I thought it would be interesting to try an experiment in social writing.

So here’s what I’m thinking:

Below is the beginning of a story. I’m inviting all readers of this blog to:

  1. Write 100-200 words continuing the story.
  2. Post your contribution in the comments section.
  3. The next person starts where the last left off.
  4. After a week or so I’ll post the full story and open it up to suggestions for the ending.

All are welcome and encouraged to contribute. You can post multiple comments, though if possible wait until someone has posted in-between. I’m really excited to see where this will go.

Okay, without further ado, here’s the beginning:

Jean’s cheek throbbed, the skin already beginning to redden. Jess just glared, her hand poised for another attack. Her eyes were lit like fire, but her face was blank, expressionless. She seemed almost as shocked by what she had done as Jean was, and yet was still prepared to do it again. Her white leather gloves creaked as she flexed her fingers. Even protected, the impact had hurt her too. Others might take this hesitation as an opportunity to strike back, or even to run away, but Jean knew deep down that Jess had good reason to be angry.


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7 responses to “Baby You Just Got Slapped

  1. “Violence doesn’t solve anything,” said Jean, her flat tone betraying only the faintest hint of mockery. “Now, I wonder who told me that?”
    Something in Jess’s eyes flared and was still. “Do you really want to lecture me right now?” she said softly. But her hand dropped to her side.
    “Look,” Jean continued, glancing away, “for what it’s worth, I really am sorry about what happened. That’s not an apology, but it’s as close as I can give. We couldn’t have predicted the experiment would generate those kinds of side effects.”
    “Then you shouldn’t have done it.”
    Furious, Jean met Jess’s gaze once more, and wondered if a little violence might solve something after all.

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  3. Chuck Conover

    After all, was not violence the reason behind the experiment in the first place? Violence in all its forms: Individuals against others, groups, the world, nature. But most especially, one on one, the mindless beast that rages in all of us. Violence we mindlessly hurl against reason that in the end returns to harm only ourselves.
    The slap hurt not only Jean’s face, but continued to reverberate in Jess’s soft an supple gloved fingers. Fingers which now slowly dropped to her side in silent supplication.
    Jean, seeing the violence leach out of Jess, noticing her body slowly relax and embrace remorse also changed posture and stepping in close, enveloped Jess with arms of welcoming forgiveness.

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