Dead Trube Day

I’ll be taking a day off the blog today and Wednesday due to some work related meetings (and the fact that every part of me is sore from our busy and productive weekend). There will be regularly scheduled programming on Tuesday, Thursday and maybe even something special for Friday as well. In the meantime please enjoy the following posts from fellow bloggers:

  • Buddhafulkat just finished up NaPoWriMo despite injury. Check out the finish line here!
  • BJ Kerry has more mutterings on choosing character names.
  • An oldie but a goodie from Brian’s continuing Scruffy vs. Neat debate (does not have anything to do with me shaving my beard last week!)
  • And finally a question I think we all ask ourselves from time to time “Am I A Writer?” (or am I a muppet?). Inky Wellsworth explores the question.

See you tomorrow!

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