Bonus Friday Post (Chaos Ensues)

The Chaos Game Revisited

For those of you who enjoyed fractal week, or just like to see pretty animations, here are a couple of videos of the Chaos Game played on the Sierpinski Triangle and Hexagon with a little twist.

While moving towards our vertices we also rotate each point we play (more on the method some other time). I made both of these videos in high-school using Visual Basic 5/6.

Mandelbrot – The Early Years

And while we’re taking a trip down memory lane here’s another animation using Visual Basic, some early Mandelbrot work also from High-School (I apologize for the low-res, best I could render at the time).

Coming Soon

Next week is AI week here and at the Buckley Blog. We’ll be exploring ideas from pioneers and current thinkers, as well as pop-culture and video games. We’ll have a special edition of AGFV on Thursday featuring three of the more interesting portrayals of AI in video games (“Look at you, hacker”), and wrap it up with a little Star Trek fun.

Enjoy your weekend!

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