DTD: New Blog Round-Up

Thanks to all of you who have been following and stopping by. We just crossed 3000 overall site views and are on our way to our 100th post, and 50th follower (one of us, one of us). I try to read other blogs whenever I can, and I thought I’d feature some links from blogs I discovered just last week (plus a couple of old favorites):

  • So You Want To Be A Writer Eh? – A great post from “An Author’s Life” on the ups and downs of trying to do this writing thing full time, and some good tips on both the creative and re-visionary stages. I particularly like her “ride low” thought.
  • Confessions of a struggling blogger – Blogging every day can be tough, especially after the first few months, and it takes courage to admit our struggles and to try to turn them around.
  • A letter to Facebook – And also from Afrozy Ara, an open letter to Facebook, trying to cheer it up after last week’s IPO.
  • The Uprising Of Punctuation – If it ever came to war, my manuscripts have a lot to be angry about.
  • The Sentry – A great pic of the supernatural creatures guarding Mr. Buckley’s house.

Have a good Memorial Day. See you tomorrow!

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