DTD: Signs of hope, New Challenges and Random Fun

Brain tired. Need coffee.

It’s been a busy couple of days working on my new non-fiction project (set to release in mid-October). I’ll be sharing some tips from that process later in the week, but today I thought I’d share some posts that have brightened my last couple of weeks:

The Happy Logophile is back with a vengeance. This week she outlined her thoughts on … outlining, and the ways in which her son is becoming a Monty Python Sketch.

There’s been a lot of good tips of writing and marketing eBooks (something I’m starting to think about more and more). A few I’ve found personally helpful were M.S. Fowle’s 10 Tips for Book Promotion and David McGowan’s 5-step plan to selling eBooks.

If you’re feeling down from a bad review, or need to be reminded of the ways your brain can spin out of control, check out How To Handle Bad Reviews and Catastrophizing, from David McGowan and Brian D. Buckley.

If you didn’t see it last Friday, Graham Stephen has posted some fractals drawn with Python and L-Systems. Graham was kind enough to share the algorithms for a couple with me, and it’s nice to find out that some posts here have been helpful to fellow programmers.

Lastly, enjoy some not so crappy poetry from M.S. Fowle and figure out why Dark Lords always fail.

Have a great start to your week!


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2 responses to “DTD: Signs of hope, New Challenges and Random Fun

  1. Thanks for the mentions!

  2. Thanks so much, Ben 🙂
    And that “Monty Python Sketch” was funny

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