Format Change

I’ve been pretty tired the last couple of weeks. Work on my non-fiction project is kicking into high gear, as well as the usual life and work stuff. The blog has always been a nice refuge from the troubles of the week, a way to explore new ideas, talk about subjects I don’t usually get to talk about, and slowly build a readership.

I want to emphasize how much I appreciate the community of fellow bloggers, the readers, and the people who want me in their inbox every post (67 as of today). I love doing this blog, but lately, with the schedule I’ve been keeping, I’ve been feeling the need to scale back, to do a sanity check, both for myself, and for the quality of what I’m putting out.

Nutshell is this:

  • At least through mid-October (the launch of my non-fiction project), I’ll be reducing the number of weekly posts from 4 to 3.
  • I’m probably going to be posting Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. For the last month or so I’ve been writing the post the night before, and Monday is one of my best weekday nights for working on the non-fiction project, so it’s a nice night to not have to worry about a post.
  • AGFV, which previously had been a bi-weekly feature on the first and third Thursdays of the month will be reduced to a monthly feature on the third Thursday of every month. If there’s a particular game or series you want me to feature, be sure to comment and I’ll be happy to take a look.
  • I’ll still do the occasional Bonus Friday/Fractal Friday post, posted approximately whenever I feel like it 🙂

I’m hoping this will be good not only for my external projects, but also for the quality of what you see here. I’ll still be posting my Forty-Minute Stories, Technology Musings, Publishing News and all the other things you’ve come to expect from the blog in the last six months.

Thanks to everyone who has read so far (1000+ views last month), and hopefully the next six months will be even better!

P.S. I am open to the idea of a guest blogger on Tuesdays. Comment below if you’d be interested in a guest blogger spot.


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2 responses to “Format Change

  1. Hi Ben
    Good luck with your launch in October.
    Your blog coincides with a similar theme over on Strictly writing which poses the question can blogging harm your writing. Sometimes it does get in the way of the stuff I really want to get stuck into, but then there is always something kids/work/hubster! (

    • Thanks BJ, that post summed it up nicely. I do think blogging has helped me to sharpen some of my short prose, but it also can be something that takes time from main projects. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be doing my current non-fiction project if it weren’t for the blog, so I think like all things it’s a matter of striking balance. Hopefully this format change is a step in that direction. Thanks for the well wishes, and thoughtful links 🙂

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