Bonus Friday Post (Fractal Friday #2)

Been playing around with some of the equations from Michael Barnsley’s “Fractal Image Compression“, particularly the one for this leaf:


Barnsley is a little more famous for the Chaos Game and his Fern, but this book contained a number of different transformations to try out. The leaf is nice, because this one only requires two simple equations, so I was a little surprised when I plugged the numbers in and got this:

Certainly an interesting image, but not a leaf! As it turns out the book had a misprint on one of its parameters, which as you can see had a dramatic effect. But mistakes can be just as interesting as the goal image. Here are a couple of my attempts to correct the image before I calculated the correct one at the beginning of the post:

I particularly like how close I got to the dragon curve with just the change of one parameter. Just goes to show there can be a lot of variation just by changing a few numbers (or changing one negative to a positive to get the correct image).

Which is your favorite, a mistake or the “correct” image?

Have a great Friday!


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5 responses to “Bonus Friday Post (Fractal Friday #2)

  1. I still think it’s weird that math can be so pretty 🙂 I like the leaf.
    So… have you done the equation that makes the Batman symbol? (jk – not really) 😉

  2. Jim Govier

    I was introduced to Fractals in the book “The Shack”. Fascinating!

  3. Luke A. Corwin

    My favorite is the second to last one. It looks like ice crystals on a glass pane.

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