Bonus Friday Post (Fractal Friday #3)

Been working with a few programs adapted from Turtle Geometry, a great book outta MIT from 1981! Most of the examples in the book look like this:

Or this:

But part of the fun of playing with Fractals is pushing the limits of your hardware. Ever had a conversion process take 2GB of system memory, or be too large to convert in one shot (having to cut it into halves or fourths and then stitching them together)?

I think this may go without saying but you may need to click to enlarge (more than 4000 by 4000 pixels).

🙂 Even WordPress is protesting the size of some of these!

Sharing these with you here since I might not be able to compress them enough for the Kindle.

Enjoy your weekend (gotta stop before Chrome crashes 🙂 )

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