Work(s) in progress update

Sorry for the irregular posting schedule this week. I’m in training which means I don’t have to come in until 9am instead of my usual 7am. Much as I love you guys, I’m taking advantage of the extra sleep 😉

I thought I’d give you guys a quick update on my “secret non-fiction project”. I’m still on target for October 15-31st, an aggressive but manageable goal. Lately this has been taking up more and more of my time, as would be expected, but sometimes it leaves me without a lot else to talk about (so sorry to those of you around me whose ears have fallen off from all the talking 🙂 ). I’m very excited about this project, and think it will be something that technical and non-technical people can enjoy, but I am equally looking forward to the day I can hit “publish” on Kindle Direct Publishing and settle down for the relaxing tasks of marketing and working on the “next big thing.”

Though I’m calling this my “secret non-fiction project” many of you have probably already guessed the topic, and I’ll do a more formal reveal in a couple of weeks once I’ve got something cool like a cover to show you. All I can say at the moment is that I in large part have you, the blogging community, to thank for this project, and I can say without a doubt that if it weren’t for all if you, this book wouldn’t be written, let alone coming out in 2-2.5 months. So thanks, sincerely.

Word count’s not quite the right metric for completeness on this project (and for technical reasons Word not only can’t give me an accurate word count but has thrown up its hands on my spelling and grammar. The reason for this will become apparent shortly). For now I can say that maybe 60-70% of illustrations are complete, all technical aspects are drafted, and 60-70% formatted, and I’m two-thirds of the way through drafting chapter 3 of 6. Chapter 1 was by far the longest, and Chapter 6 will probably be the shortest, though I do have various appendices, prefaces, and other things to complete as well. I’m taking Friday off to another full-time writing day, my third so far, and each has been glorious.

One last thing, after this project releases I’m hoping to take some crunch time to do a last revision on my first-second novel, Surreality. I’m tentatively projecting a release date of January – February 2013 (I’ll have a better idea once I get my hands on it again). The snippet from the awards post a couple of months ago came from this work, and I think its high time I shared it with all of you. Then its back to DM revisions and looking for publishers, and who knows what else (NaNo anyone?)

(Additional Note: AGFV will post next week. I know technically tomorrow is the third Thursday of the month, but I’m usually thinking of a date more like the 21st and I want to have something great for you guys, any suggestions you might have are always welcome in the comments).

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