Writer Reader’s Survey Results!!!!!111

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the reader’s survey this past week. We got some great feedback that should help in providing you with even better content every week.

What You Liked:

Generally speaking many of you seem to be here for two things (writing and short stories). Since there’s “Writer” in the title this isn’t too much of a surprise 🙂 . Work on the non-fiction book has decreased some of my “strictly creative” output lately, but I promise you’ll see more tips to surviving the writer’s life midst all of life’s other concerns, and more strange and endearing forty-minute stories. I’d also like to do another “5% of five” some time in the next month if I can get some time to read. In the meantime, check out M.S. Fowle’s weekly free books. I end up picking up one or two of these every week!

For those of you who like pie charts:

What you like

What you probably wouldn’t miss:

Not too surprised to see that AGFV and Tech Tips in general are some of the most skipped over posts on the blog. A few of you also tend to shy away from the Fractal and politics posts (though site traffic in general on these posts is still some of the highest overall). As a result I’ve decided to put AGFV on semi-permanent hiatus for the time being. I may still do a post about games from time to time, and if you have specific requests for how to get an old game running I’d be happy to take a look. But for most of you (even those who like gaming), technical posts about getting old games running is a bit too nichy (is that a word?). Fractals are here to stay, though mostly on Bonus Friday Posts as they’ve been for the last few months, and tech tips will still be posted from time to time (got some impressions of Ubuntu I’d like to share), but perhaps a little less frequently than before. I’ll be just as happy when politics gets a little quieter in a few weeks, so I suspect there’ll be less on these subjects if we all calm down for a while.

Here’s some tasty pie:

What you don't like

What’s coming

Overall you seemed to like the idea of guest bloggers, more poetry in code, and blog collaborations, and I’ll try to do all three in the coming months. Very shortly I’ll be announcing release dates and information for my upcoming non-fiction project (as well as covers hopefully soon!).

Results of 40 minute Story Contest

We got four different ideas for upcoming 40 minute stories, and I’ve decided to write all four in the coming weeks. The order will be selected randomly with the first story appearing next Thursday (Oct 13), with a new story each following Thursday. Our first story:

“Princess Pony and the case of the missing tiara”

Who says I’m not up for a challenge? This idea was submitted by my lovely wife, the little red haired girl, who enjoys making my life a little more fun and difficult.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted story ideas, and who filled out the survey. As always you can submit your input in the comments section of any post.

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  1. Your wife rules! 😀
    (Ginger Power!)

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