A Matching Sweaters Interview with Obama and Romney

I am soooo tired from watching the debate last night. I’m not going to waste your time trying to convince you which is the better candidate, that’s what Facebook is for. Instead I thought I’d just list a few of my impressions in no particular order:

– Jim Lehrer still has the blackest eyes of anyone I have seen on television. Does he even have whites in his eyes?

– Romney cracked a joke about Obama’s anniversary and being stuck with him. I laughed.

– Romney likes Big Bird (and Jim Lehrer) but doesn’t want the government to subsidize them. I’m sorry, he likes Big Bird?

– The conversation was more free format than I would have expected. I like this.

– Obama talks a LOT. And slower than Romney. Jay Pharaoh is doing a good impression with those long pauses and the low guttural … uh.

– We have only three minutes left to talk about partisan gridlock, and Jim Lehrer is eating half of them.

– Romney came off MUCH better than I expected, but he’s still kind of a tool.

– Obama needs to look at Mitt and not his notes.

– I think Taran Killam will play Lehrer in the cold open on Saturday. I will be exhausted from watching OSU football and the Stewart v. O’Reilly debate.

– I don’t need specific cases of who you talked to, either of you. Statistical outliers do not a policy make.

– Next time I’m playing a drinking game. Thank God Biden’s the next debate.

I’m gonna take a cat nap.

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  1. Side note – Romney said he’s a Snooki fan as well.

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