BTW (Ben Trube Writer) Status Update

It’s a little weird to have been writing this blog for 9 months and just now noticing my blog title’s initials are BTW. Some re-branding may be in order. Hmmm….

Couple of things to update you about. First the stats:

– We had a great October with nearly 1600 views (up 33% from last month).

– 96 of you have chosen to have me in your homes or at least your inboxes every post. Thank you all!

Secondly, Book Update!

As you may have guessed from last week’s post things are slightly behind schedule. I’m putting together the final edits and formatting changes (with my wife and editor “the little red haired girl” putting in overtime as well)! I want to make sure this is something that people will find both useful and professional, and worth their shekels. We’re shooting for before thanksgiving and I should be able to give you a firm estimate in a week. A week from Monday (Nov 12), I’ll have the cover and maybe a couple of other goodies for you to look at.

Lastly, Cleveland Rocks!

Next week I will be in Cleveland for my day job so the blog will take a week off. The last forty-minute story, which will be a combination of both of Chuck’s submissions will be posted Thursday Nov. 15. In the meantime there are plenty of short stories to check out here, or over at the Happy Logophile. Check out M.S. Fowle’s “Crappy Poetry” which always gives me a smile, or whatever the heck my friend Brian is doing. Paula Acton is always giving great advice (and cited one of my posts last month, thank you again)!

For those of you doing NaNo I salute you and wish you well. Work early so you can enjoy the rest of the month!


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2 responses to “BTW (Ben Trube Writer) Status Update

  1. Hey man! Haven’t stopped by here in way too long, but hope you’re doing well. Good luck with the book! 🙂

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