Secret Non-Fiction Project Revealed! Surprise To All!

Well, probably not, considering how many of you came to this blog from these posts.

Coming soon to a Kindle near you…

Fractals – A Programmer’s Approach

Don’t be fooled by the “programmer” in the title. My aim for this book is to provide something for everyone, no matter if you’re a hardcore math geek or just a casual enthusiast. In six chapters you’ll learn about everything from the Chaos Game to the Julia Set, not only the math behind it, but how to make every picture in the book yourself.

Each chapter features dozens of black and white and color images, explanations for constructing dozens of different fractals, and program code for generating each kind of image. The code not only focuses on the algorithm behind the pictures, but also how to generate fractal image files (using SVG and PPM files). Every one of the 150+ images in the book were made with the programs contained within, and each program is written with expansion in mind.

For the casual enthusiast there’s a gallery of more than 100 fractal images, as well as dozens more throughout the text. Most of the fractals you see are explained in several ways, using drawing methods like the “Fractals You Can Draw” series from last April, equations, and program code.

I’m shooting for a December release date on Kindle Direct Publishing. While many of the pictures are in color, this title will be supported on e-ink readers as well (I’ve been testing a lot on my Touch). Depending on how things go I might release for other platforms sometime in the future.

Six Chapters of Fractals, 150+ images, 20+ programs for only $4.99!

Five … five dollar … five dollar frac-tals.

But there are still so many ways you guys can help. The cover you see above is just one variation. I’ve got a couple more I’d like to show you. VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE! Feedback is VERY welcome. Did you like the font? Should I use different pictures? Couldn’t give a flip about fractals? Let me know!!!

Cover #1

Cover #2

Cover #3

Cover #4

Thanks everyone!


Changed out options 3 and 4 and here’s a couple more:

Cover #5

Cover #6


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4 responses to “Secret Non-Fiction Project Revealed! Surprise To All!

  1. Ben wrote a book about fractals? Really? I’m shocked! 😛
    Best of luck, Ben! And cover #2 grabs the eye more than the others.

  2. Sarah Farooqi

    I like the placement of the small fractals up towards the center of the page. I think it might help the legibility of the title to have a white horizontal bar behind it.

  3. Well, great. Now I have “five dollar fractals” stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Thanks, man.

    Looks like you’re getting close, though. Sweet! 😀

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