Captain Picard Saves Christmas

Science fiction doesn’t seem to like Christmas. Very few sci-fi shows have a Christmas episode, and many make a point of saying the ritual will be phased out. Even Star Trek, with it’s optimistic view of the future, has little to say about Christmas.

That’s why there are comics:


Captain Picard Saves Christmas

Captain Picard Saves Christmas

This is Issue #2 of DC’s Star Trek: The Next Generation 6 issue mini-series (launched before their 80 issue second run). This is literally the second ST:TNG comic ever! Tasha Yar is still alive and kicking, Riker is beardless, and Picard has really been working out.

The crew of the Enterprise is taking some much needed time to party when they are attacked by a mysterious entity. Could it be…?


Santa Claus Attacks The Enterprise

But attacks from men in red suits aren’t enough to dampen our crew’s Christmas spirit. Not when they’ve got a room full of real artificial snow, Christmas trees, and is that mistletoe?

Xmas Party

Xmas Party

In case you can’t tell, Crusher kissed Data and Troi kissed Geordi. Oh, yeah … that happened.

FYI, the arguing couple is one of the last remnants of one of the best features of DC Star Trek comics, secondary characters. Most of DCs early issues feature a whole cast of lower ranked crew members who had their own relationships with each other and the main cast. Unlike the named cast-members, who were never in any danger and would be unlikely to change much or hook up, the secondary characters could marry, go on trial for murder, and even die. Sadly, Paramount handed down the decree that Star Trek Comics should only focus on the main cast in the late 80s. And that’s your comics history lesson for the day

Anyway, turns out Santa gets around and a mysterious alien ship invades the Enterprise trying to hunt him down. At first they appear hostile, but believe it or not they’re actually trying to help the big guy, by showing him some love.



And yes, they look like the Grinch, who also has been working out. They’re clad in black leather, and strip down to their waists in order to take Santa into themselves in order to rejuvenate the entity.

And in case you were wondering if this was just some vague, christmas-y spirit…



Big guy’s looking a little thin. But thanks to the love of the crew of the Enterprise, he’s looking a little jollier in no time. And then it’s time for more presents and partying. Even Worf’s excited!

Now all we need is a Shatner-esque reading of The Night Before Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone! See you next Wednesday!

You can find this comic and many others on the Star Trek Comic Book Collection DVD (where our images came from for this post), or in the Trade-Paperback ST:TNG – Beginnings. It really is worth your time, the next three issues ask the question of what would happen if Q were human (several years before the series did).


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2 responses to “Captain Picard Saves Christmas

  1. One of TNG’s biggest flaws was its sterilized view of the future, with cultural details like Christmas and Ramadan all stripped out, as if the future were too civilized for anything that wasn’t sleek and shiny. Picard reads Shakespeare, but nobody picks up a novel for fun. The Christmas scene in Generations was a major exception, and – not coincidentally – one of the best scenes in the movie.

    That’s one of the many areas where B5 excelled over its more popular cousin. But of course, I’ll still love TNG always. 🙂

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