Sleepy, Frozen, Need Coffee

Sorry for the last couple of delays. Like many of you I stayed up late to finish the super bowl and slung cruel words at my alarm clock at 4:40 am this morning. Upon attempting to leave my house (many snoozes later) I found that my car doors were frozen, not frozen shut mind you, but frozen open. The locking mechanism freezes when it’s really cold and the door will not shut no matter how much slamming, cursing and wringing of hands is applied. Suffice it to say a full blog post is not in the offing today. I’m going to sip my coffee now. Hope your mornings are going better and see you guys tomorrow!


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5 responses to “Sleepy, Frozen, Need Coffee

  1. Sorry to hear of your icky morning, Ben. May I ask what kind of car you have… so I know NEVER to get one? Sounds like a defect the maker needs to address.

  2. madiebeartri

    Its Monday,the alarm chimes at 5:15am. The first words out of my mouth were “please not yet, I dont want to get out of bed.” 🙂


    j/k that sounds like a pretty crappy morning. Enjoy the coffee. Hope the rest of your day’s better. 🙂

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