He’s Dead, Jim

Haven’t done a Dead Trube Day in a little while, but this one is a bit different.

Lately I’ve been thinking about amusing last words, like the following:

“Mind that bus.”

“What bus?”


That’s from the British show Red Dwarf. I guess the American version would be:

Look. A drone!”

“What drone?”


Or how about a redneck’s last words:

“Hey, watch this!”

Or in my state:

I’m a Michigan fan!”

Personally I think it would be funny to do something along the lines of “the treasure’s buried under the…” or “I guess I can go a fourth time.” but I think if anything I’d like to go out on a non-sequitur. Like:

“Horseradish is neither a horse nor a radish.”


Peanuts are best when shelled, then read.”

I realize I probably won’t have much say in the matter, as the timing is rather difficult. Though if I was really clever I could set up one of those time delayed posts or tweets which’ll send if I haven’t checked in for a week. But then as a writer I might feel under some obligation to write something good and not just silly.

Oh, well.

If I was to sum it up, though, I can’t do much better than J. Michael Straczynski:

I will see you again in the place where no shadows fall.”

Or next week.

Have a good weekend everybody. And, yes, there will be a post on Monday. I don’t mean to worry you with Dead Trube Posts. Lovers of Megatokyo know I’m just ripping off Dead Piro Days.

Got any favorite last words?

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  1. Chuck Conover

    The End

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