Trying Old Things

I just started watching Community, via Netflix one disc a week.

I like jumping into established series a few years in, make sure they’ll be something that’s worth the time. I got burned last year by Up All Night. Solid first season, followed by massive reformat and now limbo before it officially dies. Sure it was nice to spend some time with that show last year, but now it feels like a wasted investment.

I like trying new things. I’m a little too susceptible to the latest food item or gadget. But for whatever reason TV is different, and books and blogs too. I don’t read that many blogs regularly, but those I do I read like I am waiting for my next fix. I actually get a little annoyed if a blogger I like stops blogging, even though I myself take time off to empty my bucket, or sleep.

As new writers we need people to take chances on us even if it doesn’t look like we’ll deliver. But it may also be that certain people won’t take that chance until we show them a body of work. It is difficult to judge if we have been a success, or when success will come. In the meantime we have to write like we are a success, but with a consistency that shows we know the work we need to put in.

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  1. I’m also pretty conservative about what I’m willing to read. A book is a major time investment, so I’m not usually willing to pick it up unless it’s a classic, an author I know I like, or something that looks especially amazing for some reason.

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