Dispatches from “Restore The 4th” Cleveland

Hope you all had a lovely extended Independence Day weekend (my neighbors were shooting off fireworks late last night). But where better to spend July 4th than on the shores of Lake Erie, in a place that I’m told on good authority “rocks”, Cleveland, OH?

As many of you know I spent the day with friend and fellow blogger, Brian D. Buckley at the “Restore the 4th (amendment that is)” Rally in Edgewater Park, Cleveland, OH.



Interestingly Brian’s sign got far more questions about what “TMI” meant, than “My Bytes Have Rights”.

About 40-50 people were in attendance overall, covering a 100 yard or so stretch of road inside the park.



As first outings go, this rally had all the components one might expect from active political protest:

  • We got lost, both on the way to Cleveland and inside the park; The first because we missed an exit due in part to orange barrels and playing “Friends” trivia, and the second because our marker for finding the protest was “look for the tall lanky guy in the red shirt” not “we’re next to the only statue in the park.”



  • There were of course the usual petitions for legalizing pot, and hacky sack. From what I could see the sack was competently hacked.
  • There were communists (I resisted the urge to sing the Beatles “Revolution” until they were out of earshot).
  • There were fundamentalist Christians, who in spite of wanting an amendment that put God’s law above the constitution, were exceptionally polite.
  • There were beards (mine included).
  • At least one girl came to the party wearing the same dress.


  • And there were hecklers. Well, heckler. Apparently our standing at the side of the road not chanting or singing (except a little back and forth of “Every Breath You Take”), ruined this man’s day. And for that, I am very very sorry.

Overall everyone was exceptionally supportive and positive. Except Brian, who apparently didn’t want to be anywhere near us (that’s the lady Buckley holding the restorethefourth.net sign).



When he wasn’t inching his way down the road he was engrossed in his reading:



That’s Buckley for you, really knows how to show a girl a good time.

Seriously, this was a lot of fun, and a great opportunity to hang out with friends, exercise a few first amendment rights, and your upper body. It’s a bit windy by the great lakes, and a sign is basically a three foot sail (Props to the lady Buckley for the solid signage construction).

Have a great Monday!

PS. Thanks also to “the little red haired girl” who was amazingly supportive despite not feeling well and her husband deciding to go the day before.


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