Let’s start the week, shall we?

I’m really excited about this week, even though so far it’s been off to a bit of a rocky start.

Sunday morning our dog left us a little surprise on the carpet, which he never does. Unfortunately I did not discover this by seeing it, or smelling it for that matter. I did NOT scream “gross GROSS!” like a little girl, nor was I amused by my wife laughing uncontrollably.


Let’s just call Sunday the end of last week, eh?

This morning finds me once again in my favorite haunt. At 4:30 in the morning it is already 78 degrees, and I know that I don’t even live in a particularly hot part of the country. But nonetheless I am excited.

This is the week the Fractal Bundle goes live.

I don’t know the precise date yet, but I’m shooting for the end of the week. I spent most of the weekend uploading content (Sorry hon for making the Netflix choppy). I tested the fractal book at least five times through on three eReaders at once, making little tweaks along the way. I’ll probably try to get one or two more passthroughs by the end of the day before I lock the draft and upload it. Then it’s write a few brief product descriptions and … done.

I’m looking forward to the next time someone asks me how the fractal book is going. For probably the last six months the answer has been a variant of “it’s coming along” or “in a few more weeks” or “just trying to get it through one more revision.” Now the answer can be “I’m finished.”

Someone asked me yesterday if I had a launch party planned. My answer was along the lines of myself and a bottle of champagne, and a certain little red haired girl to share it with (and open the bottle since I’m not actually a fan of sudden popping noises).

I’ll probably write my “how does it feel?” post a few weeks from now, but initial thoughts are pretty happy, and tired. I think writing a book, any book, is one of those things that if you thought about all the work you have to do, you’d never do it. The secret to so much in life is deluding ourselves that it really won’t be that bad. I can write a fractal book in six months (give or take another eight).

But I didn’t do it alone. This book would not be happening this week, or any week for quite a while, were it not for the efforts of my wife, editor and partner. A close second is my good friend Brian who needed only slight bribery to read through the book (I still owe you a shopping spree at Acorn Books). And there are so many others, from the guy at church who gave me his old eReader to test on, to my co-workers, to my life-group, and all of you, who’ve been reading my ramblings on [BTW] for the last year and a half.

Thanks so much and hope you enjoy!


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2 responses to “Let’s start the week, shall we?

  1. Victory is sweet, no? 🙂

    btw, you better stop blogging about this “little red-haired girl,” or your wife’s going to get jealous…

  2. That is exciting. Congratulations. I am still in the “Almost done. One more revision,” stage, and I can hardly wait to say, “I’m finished!”

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