40 Minute Story “Real Life”

“What kind of coffee did they have?”

“Not bad for a vending machine. This here’s almond amaretto. It’s blazing hot though.”

“Why didn’t you use two cups?”

“It’s one of those that delivers the cups for you. And of course they’re out of guards.”

“Hence why you’ve got that bit of paper towell wrapped around it.”

“Yeah. Say want me to change the channel on the TV?”

“Already did. Got a little tired of the BBC.”

“But cooking shows?”

“Cooking shows are pleasant. Innocuous.”

“And hunger inducing.”

“You could always pop down to the cafeteria if you’re feeling peckish.”

“No thanks. Already had a peek down there. Coffee’s the only thing my stomach’s ready for in this place I think.”


“Say, you ever thought that you might be living in a TV show?”

“Change the channel, Dave.”

“No, I’m serious. I sometimes wonder if certain TV shows are a message from the real world, trying to tell me I’m trapped.”

“Trapped where?”

“In this world. My real life’s out there somewhere separated by a little 12″ screen.”

“If you wanted a bigger screen maybe you could stop being such a bum.”

“It’s not about the size, John. It’s about life.”

“What shows exactly?”

“I dunno ‘exactly’. The shows in deep space seem pretty real. I bet I’m an officer on the starship Enterprise.”

“Just don’t put on a red shirt.”

“That’s only the first series, John. If I was from, let’s say ‘The Next Generation’ then this world could be some holodeck simulation I’m trapped in.”

“But what about your memories of growing up?”

“Implanted by an alien race trying to rob me of my proper destiny.”

“Y’know. You don’t always have to talk. We can just sit here in silence.”


“Heard anything yet?”

“No. They said the surgery could take hours, possibly even into tomorrow morning.”

“Your Mum’s gonna be alright, John.”

“Yeah, I know. Listen you don’t have to stick around. I’m fine by myself. I’ve got the barefoot contessa and everything.”

“Wouldn’t hear of it. What kind of an officer would I be if I left my friend here alone?”

“Probably some smeghead from Red Dwarf.”

“Have you seen the tenth series yet? I think it was smashing.”

“We watched it together Dave.”

“Oh yeah.”

“Think I might get me one of those amaretto things you’ve got. Been smellin’ it this whole time.”

“Smellin’ it is about all it’s good for. Pretty weak tea this.”


“No, you sit down. I’ll get it. Already burned me hand once today. No sense in us both suffering the same injury.”




“You’re welcome, John.”

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One response to “40 Minute Story “Real Life”

  1. Chuck

    I sent my “red shirt” to the cleaners …

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