Author Feature: Ben Trube

M. S. Fowle was kind enough to do an author feature with the release of Fractals: A Programmer’s Approach. Check it out!

M.S. Fowle

I have been waiting and waiting to do this Author Feature! It gives me great pleasure to share the work of my fellow blogger and author friend with my lovely followers today. He’s also been kind enough to sit in the hot seat and allow me to interview him about his new books. Yes–he is a brave soul indeed.

Please welcome author Ben Trube and his new book, Fractals: A Programmer’s Approach!

Fractals: A Programmer’s Approach by Ben Trube

Genre(s): Nonfiction, Math

Description:“Understand and write your own fractal programs without the heavy math. Step by step C++ programs guide you through such topics as The Chaos Game, Affine Transformations, Turtle Graphics, L-Systems, the Mandelbrot set, and Julia set. Includes hundreds of fractal images, example programs, and detailed explanations of many fractal topics. Available DRM free in Kindle, Nook, and PDF formats. The bundle includes an additional 125 hi-res gallery…

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