Author Interview: Ben Trube

Mr. Buckley’s kind interview of yours truly. Give it a read!

Brian D. Buckley


Today I have the privilege of interviewing my old friend and fellow blogger, Ben Trube. Ben likes fractals even more than I do, and he’s turned himself into quite the expert lately. His new book Fractals: A Programmer’s Approach is available right here for just $4.99.

Come along with me as we venture into his brain. Tread lightly, don’t touch anything, and don’t step in the cerebellum. He, uh, needs that to live.

A sales pitch for your book in six words or less. GO!

“Fractals for a new generation!” or “Fractal fun for everyone!”

You obviously have a deep love for fractals. What is it about them, exactly, that you find so appealing?

My mom’s a painter, and I’ve always had a bit of an artistic streak. Fractals allow me to express that streak in a medium that I’m very comfortable with. I’m also fascinated how the chaotic…

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  1. Chuck

    For a beard – I have always liked the name “Bob”. It is a strong, masculine name, but not as formal as “Robert”.

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