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My dad just started a blog about books. Check it out!

Bob on Books


Several years ago I began writing reviews of the books I read.  You may find this odd, but the principle reason I did so was to remember what I read after I put the book down.  Along the way I discovered that at least a few others appreciated the reviews and GoodReads provided a great vehicle for sharing reviews with other friends who were on GoodReads.

My son has helped me appreciate the greater flexibility and wider audience a blog makes possible.  (You can read him over at BTW: Ben Trube, Writer.)  In coming blogs, I hope to post reviews of what I’m reading (some of those waiting to be read are pictured here) as well as thoughts on reading and life.

Probably the question I get asked the most is “how do you read so many books?”  A big part of the answer is that it is a…

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