When to start

I need to start revising.

I think the month I was thinking of taking off after the fractal book is catching up with me.

But more than that I just haven’t taken the crucial first step of working on Chapter 1.

Sure I’ve been taking notes, I’ve been researching, I re-read the entire draft, and I’ve outlined the first few chapters worth of changes.

But I haven’t sat alone with my book and worked.

I am tired, but for mostly the same reasons I was tired before. I’m a night owl who has to get up very early. I’m disciplined once I’ve started, but starting sometimes gets the better of me.

I’m very excited to be revising. Reading the book sparked a lot of ideas, as did my tour of Columbus on foot.

Now they just need to get from my brain to the page. It’s such a short distance. Though not if you consider the brain’s fractal nature and the miles of neurons…

Delaying tactics with me are many and varied.

How about this? The wife and I have a date tonight with Radiolab at the Palace Theater so tonight’s not a good night. But how about come hell or high water I start Chapter 1 in the next 48 hours? Probably that’s Friday morning, or possibly lunch time if I can’t get my butt up in the morning. Maybe it’s even as late as Saturday morning, though that’s cutting it a bit thin.

Point is by Monday I will have either worked on my first chapter, or I will write another Princess Pony story. Trust me. None of us wants that.

We’ll just have to see what happens.


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2 responses to “When to start

  1. Hell yeah! Revise that mofo! 😀

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