Top 15 Treehouse Of Horror Segments


It’s Halloween (in three weeks-ish), so that means it’s time for The Simpsons Halloween special, better known as the Treehouse of Horror. This year marks the 24th installment in the annual horror-fest. I have a deep and abiding love for The Simpsons, and these episodes in particular, so I thought I’d share with you my personal top 15, Treehouse of Horror segments:

15. The Homega Man (TOH VIII) – Despite the implausibility of France destroying the world, an enjoying romp in post-apocalyptic Springfield. I would probably spend my time the exact same way Homer did.

14. Starship Poopers (TOH IX) – Maggie is an alien! Jerry Springer solves nothing! “Look Marge. Maggie lost her baby legs!”

13. House of Whacks (TOH XII) – They probably would have gotten into less trouble if they had stuck with Matthew Perry. Pierce Brosnin goes all Hal 9000 on Homer and tries to seduce Marge.

12. Reaper Madness (TOH XIV) – Homer is Death, which is pretty fun. But will he fulfill his duty to kill Marge?

11. It’s the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse (TOH XIX) – Milhouse brings a pumpkin to life with the power of belief, promptly unleashing killer havoc upon the town. Parody of the Schultz classic.

10. How to get ahead in Dead-vertising (TOH XIX) – Mad Men parody titles. Only unfortunate bit is how gruesome the Krusty death is, but this is made up for with the “Pyscho Killer” montage. The wife and I were singing that at random moments for years after this episode.

9. There’s No Business like Moe Business (TOH XX) – A musical featuring Moe, and terrible special effects. Who knew Homer’s blood went so well with beer?

8. The Genesis Tub (TOH VII) – Lisa creates a miniature civilization from her tooth and some soda. Bart is the anti-christ. “Oh my God! I’ve created Lutherans!”

7. Desperately Xeeking Xena (TOH X) – Bart and Lisa are superheroes stretch dude and clobber girl, and must save Xena from the clutch of The Collector! “I didn’t know Xena could fly! I’m not Xena, I’m Lucy Lawless!”

6. Send in the Clones (TOH XIII) – Homer clones himself with a magic hammock. Soon a horde of cloned Homers is destroying the nation. Best bit by far is when Homer tries to desert clones. “Anyone know the way home?”

5. Time and Punishment (TOH V) – A ridiculous amount of visual gags (From Peabody and Sherman, to the Flinstones to a sphinx of Bart. Homer forsakes his paradise dimension “Donut? What’s a donut?” This episode has one of my favorite opening premises ever. “Dad! Your hand is stuck in the toaster!”

4. Citizen Kang (TOH VII) – It’s amazing how little politics has changed. “Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others!”

3. The Raven (TOH) – Classic Poe as read by James Earl Jones. One of my teachers actually showed this segment in class as an introduction to Poe. Quoth the Raven “Eat My Shorts!”

2. Stop the World, I want to goof off (TOH XIV) – Bart and Milhouse get a watch that stops time. They use their power to keep Home from eating Donuts, humiliate the mayor, and start all sorts of mayhem. Isn’t this every kid’s fantasy?

1. The Shinning (TOH V) – “Shh! Do you want to get sued?” “No beer and no TV make Homer something something.” Need I say more?

What about you? What are your favorites? And if you don’t particularly care for The Simpsons, what’s your favorite Halloween tradition?


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5 responses to “Top 15 Treehouse Of Horror Segments

  1. Hey, man. Great list. After reading this, I’ve been going through my box sets and watching. However, if I may make a couple of small suggestions:

    – The Devil and Homer Simpson: Flanders is the Devil, a forbidden doughnut, and a jury made of John Wilkes Booth, Benedict Arnold, Lizzie Borden, Blackbeard, John Dillinger, Nixon, and the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers.

    – Hell Toupee: Hair transplant sends Homer into a murderous rampage.

    – Homer3 (cubed): Made in 1995, a trip behind a bookcase sends Homer into a strange 3D world. While this segment may have not had stories as concise as Citizen Kang or Hell Toupee, it was a breakthrough for the series in that it featured (what at the time was) state-of-the-art 3D rendering, a technology that was still in it’s infancy.

    Just thought I’d share these with you. I’m pretty sure you considered them already. Hahahaha. Great piece, man. I enjoyed reading it.

    • Hell Toupee almost made the list, and would probably be a runner up for me. Similar with the Devil and Homer Simpson “hmm…forbidden donut”. Homer cubed is certainly a landmark piece, just doesn’t happen to be my personal favorite though I like the Myst shout out. Thanks for stopping by!

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