Living the Bachelor Life

The wife left to visit friends yesterday morning, and will be out of town until this Saturday, so it’s the Trube Bachelor Week Extravaganza!!!

So what’s on tap?

Well mainly the Half Price Books coupon sale, and maybe food from a few places she doesn’t tend to like.

Oh and one more thing.

Finally writing on Surreality.

I wish I had George R. R. Martin’s excuse for not writing (he bought a theater), but mine’s a little more mundane (a little RPG called Avadon). As if by fate the sequel to this game that has already eaten up a lot of my creative time, was released last week. So I have a bit of a siren’s song I need to resist.

The goal for the week is pretty simple, 800-1000 words a day (5 days a week probably). This is kind of a combination rewrite/revise, so some sections will move faster than others but that’s the pace I’d like to set. Not too slow, but not too fast either. During my heyday on DM I was producing nearly 2000 words a day, but maybe only 800 of them are usable. I’d like to avoid this problem with what will be the third (maybe fourth depending on how you count) draft of Surreality.

I’m going to be putting up a widget on the blog with an upper bound of 80,000 words. This will be a progress bar for the draft, and should also give you a rough idea of how things are going and when you might expect the next book. The little red haired girl will be cleaning up this third draft, but we should be working largely in tandem so that when the draft’s finished we should have an idea of when release will be.

Feel free to bug me if that progress bar hasn’t moved in a while, particularly this week and the next few. I tend to be good once the habit’s formed, but it can take some time to get back in the swing of things.

By the way, good luck to any of you doing NaNo this year. I did it once in 2011, and while there was a bit of a temptation to do it this year, I think I need to hold off until the next book is released. The pace of writing in that month (particularly with holidays) can be grueling, but you can do it (and my wedding anniversary was right around the finish line). If you need any encouragement or are just having a slow writing day, shoot me a line.

I’m pullin’ for ya, we’re all in this together.

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  1. Pulling for you, Ben. Surreality was good in the early draft. This needs to see the light of day and so I hope you have a good week working on revisions! I’ll be watching that progress bar!!

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