The Witching Hour proof arrives!

Finally this guy puts out a book! Seriously you should check this out. I’m gonna get myself a hardcopy as soon as they are available and get old Buckles to sign it! Congratulations my friend!

Brian D. Buckley


Part of the self-publish process on Amazon CreateSpace is that, once you get everything the way you want it, they send you a “proof” – a sample copy to proofread – before gearing up for production.

Which means this afternoon, a FedEx guy brought me the lovely little item above. I’ll be honest: even for a self-pub, there’s something thrilling about seeing your name on a book cover for the first time.


On first glance, everything looks perfect. I’ll have to dig in a little more before I give the green light. The images (all public domain) turned out rather well, if I do say so myself.


I even got to create my own publishing logo, which was pretty fun:


So, a little work left to do, but it should be available to you all in the next few days. Dave Higgins has kindly offered to review the book later…

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