Author Interview: Brian D. Buckley

Well it’s finally happened, Brian’s gone and published himself a book. To mark this august occasion we sat down and had a little tête-à-tête to discuss the new book and anything else that came to mind. Enjoy!


What led to the creation of this book?

Nothing too exciting. I am a guy with a lot of poems, and one thing led to another. Also, I like seeing my name on rectangles.

I know you’re a man who will create a poem on a dare, but what inspires you normally?

Philosophy and feelings, I guess. And I like the challenge of writing in a particular form, especially the sonnet.

How did you select which poems to include? Got a favorite?

Basically, I included all the poems I’ve ever written that I still like. My favorite of the serious poems is “The Sin of Icarus.” My favorite funny one is “A Literary Agent Rejects a Subpar Query Letter.”

Did you write any new material for the book? How about rewrites?

Nothing new, but plenty of revision. “Atlantis” was originally four stanzas, and I cut it to one. “Song of My World” also got a makeover. But some poems I didn’t change at all.

Why did you choose to self-publish?

Saying the market for poems is a little tight is like saying space is a bit dark. By self-publishing, I can at least get my book out there for anyone who wants it. I’m unlikely to sell mass volumes, and I’m fine with that.

What was your experience using CreateSpace?

Good! Slick interface, quick turnaround, no issues that I’ve discovered yet. And it’s an easy way to get a book listed on Amazon.

So “My Lady”…what’s the story behind that?

No real-life story behind “My Lady.” I just thought it would be fun to imagine a sorceress using her powers to mess with somebody.

Where did you get those great pictures?

All public domain. I discovered most through Google Image Search and Pixabay. The shuttle launch is a NASA photo that I doctored in Paint.NET, and the woman looking sad is actually an engraving by Albrecht Durer that I saw in Dublin, Ireland.

Ever thought about reading any of these out loud?

I hadn’t, but I could be persuaded. Think anyone would be interested in that?

I noticed you used some fractal imagery in your poems. Got any haikus about the Mandelbrot set?

All the plane’s a stage,

All these curves merely players.

Hehehehe, butt.

If you were a game for the Nintendo 64, which game would you be and why?

Rocket: Robot on Wheels. Because it’s like Mario 64 except the Italian plumber is a robot, the Wing Cap is a paint gun hovercraft, and the fire-breathing turtle is an evil raccoon. As you can plainly see, this describes me perfectly.

Brian’s book is The Witching Hour. You can download a PDF for free or purchase a physical copy through Amazon (Kindle version is in the works and will be released soon).

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  1. Buckley? I wouldn’t trust this guy. He sounds…shady.

    Seriously, though, I appreciate the interview. 🙂 Thanks man!

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