Did you know I’m writing a book?

What your friends and family think when you say “I’m writing a book”:

  • I know, you’ve told me twenty times already.
  • Same book you’ve been writing for seven years?
  • When do you have time for that?
  • That’s nice. Can you take out the garbage?
  • Does it have vampires?
  • Does it have zombies?
  • Can I get a free copy?
  • Cool. So who’s going to edit?
  • Self-publishing or really publishing?
  • So your main character’s name is the same as yours, and he looks a lot like you, eh?
  • I asked you how you’re doing. I see my mistake now.
  • Do I get a spot in your acknowledgements?
  • You look tired.
  • Cool. What color are your aliens?
  • Any alien sex?
  • Where do you get your ideas?
  • So what causes the apocalypse in your book? Unchecked overdue books?
  • You always had a lot to say.
  • I like Twilight. Is it like Twilight?
  • Do you need a hug?
  • Who’s your inspiration?
  • Cool. If I buy your book will you buy something from my Etsy store?

What they really say:

  • That’s nice.


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6 responses to “Did you know I’m writing a book?

  1. So…And I get this response all the time!
    Others -“Is this book about you?”
    Me – “No its not. It’s fiction.”
    Others, sounding disappointed – “Oh. Well then where did you get your inspiration?”
    Me – “My imagination. That’s why I write.”
    Others – “You sure this isn’t about you?”
    They just don’t get it sometimes. It could go on and on until they get the answers they have already formed in their minds. LOL!

    • It’s certainly tricky answering that question for me. Plot and a number of character details are made up completely, but I do enjoy inserting bits of myself and/or friends into characters, whether it’s a mannerism, a preference, or even part of a conversation. Rarely something so obvious as name or appearance, but it’s been known to happen. I agree with your general point that some people talk to you with an idea already formed in their minds, and are disappointed if you deviate 🙂

  2. Did you know I’m writing a review?

  3. This is so true! But are you serious that no one has ever asked you those questions out loud?

  4. So true! 😀 Love this! xo

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