XPocalypse Next

Well, you’ve survived the XPocalypse, but you’ve only got a few years to prepare for Microsoft’s next disaster, the end of Vista. We’ve got the XPocalypse, but what should we call the last days of Vista?


Here are a few suggestions. Feel free to submit your own in the comments:

  • eVisteration
  • Vistactomy
  • God help the Vista who gets between me and my sista
  • Visteria
  • Vistopia
  • Hasta la Vista, Baby
  • And God help the Vista who gets between me and my man
  • Vistastrophe
  • Die Die Die
  • Vistacular
  • Vistalitus
  • Alta Vista
  • C’est la Vista

Any thoughts?


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2 responses to “XPocalypse Next

  1. Hasta La Vista is my favorite. Of course, this assumes anybody is using Vista in the first place…

  2. I laughed out loud (for real) for about half of these. Hasta la Vista was also my fave, but someone already picked it. Alta vista would be awesome if it was a foreign language that translated to something relevant to the demise of Vista. So, how about C’est la Vista.

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