What’s Next?

I’m almost done with the final draft of Surreality. If I can get a couple of solid writing weeks together I will be. Of course it still has to go through my wife’s edits and another pass, but finishing this draft will be one of the final steps before I’m ready to publish this book.

And yet even as I am nearing the finish line I am thinking about another book: Dark Matter.

From a “writing strategy” standpoint it might make some sense to write another book in the Surreality series before releasing something like Dark Matter, a much longer Sci-Fi action adventure epic that I honestly haven’t worked on in a couple of years (since right around the time I started writing this blog).

And I already have the next three Surreality books in my head in various stages of development.

This always seems to happen to me, I’m working on something, and though I’m enjoying it, I can’t stop thinking about something else. Or I’ll have made a plan for whatever the next book should be, and then by the time I get to it I want to tear up the plan and do something else.

I’m a little reluctant to juggle two writing projects at the same time (since technically it would actually be three if you include the blog and all the short story work). I feel like it might be difficult for me to keep the details straight, and I have the feeling that even under optimal conditions it would take longer for both books to come out.

But Dark Matter is going to be a long project. I need to do a complete rewrite, plus some prequel material, plus edits and more potential rewrites. If I wait until that project is done to work on the book after it, it might be quite a wait.

I think at the end of the day the wisest course is the one you feel most energized by. If writing another book in a series is something you’re doing because you feel you have to, then even if you like the material those feelings might show through. On the other hand it may be that you have two honest writing passions going on at the same time, and maybe now’s not the best time to be monogamous.

And I’m excited about the current Surreality, the next Surreality, the one after that and the one after that. I’m excited about Dark Matter‘s prequel, sequel and tertiaryquel (and this isn’t even getting into the Atlantia series which is a whole other discussion entirely).

I think the only solution to this is to keep writing.

Have you guys ever had to juggle two projects at once? How do you make decisions about what to prioritize?

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  1. I’m always juggling way too many projects at any given moment. I structure my day so that I have the most amont of time dedicated to the main project (and the one with a deadline) allocating smaller increments of time for others. Also, I’ll always take time to jot down new ideas, put them aside for later contemplation… it’s served well in that many ideas have later morphed into one project that literally had my head exploding with ideas.
    For me, it comes down to organising my day to satisfy all writing urges – most days it works (and some fail miserably) but it gets me where I need to go without dousing that creative fire.

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