Review: Alone Forever: The Singles Collection

Another week of racking up my NetGalley queue with an overabundance of riches, or just things with funny titles that grab me. Since I’m working most of this week on writing a talk for church on Sunday, I thought I’d shake up the format a little by doing review blurbs on books when I get free moments or need a break. These will be single serving (one book) posts, at somewhat irregular intervals.

Alone Forever: The Singles Collection

Writer and Artist – Liz Prince


Single life can be tough, especially in the age of on-line dating, and lots of cute guys that are hard to talk to. But fear not, at least you’re not alone, you have your cats.

Liz Prince’s Alone Forever is a collection of her web-comics about single life, dating, and all things relating to indie bands, bearded bespectacled plaid shirt wearing guys and cats. This collection gets better as it goes along and you get to know the character and person of Liz. How much of this is true to life, and how much is embellished for comedic affect isn’t always clear, though you get the sense that most of this is just as it happened. What might seem immature in the early strips is revealed for a sense of playfulness and self-deprecation. There’s no part of her life that seems to be off limits.

Here’s the first one that made me laugh out-loud:


Copyright 2011 by Liz Prince, Used with permission

The OK Cupid section seems particularly auto-biographical, as it chronicles a series of guys and how each are not the guy for her (or for anyone). One thing that strikes you as a married person is how a lot of single life is figuring out what love and romance actually mean using a vocabulary and criteria that have no relation to what real love is. And yet there’s a lot you can relate to in this book, as a woman or as the bearded guy. How dating can be clumsy, how being alone can seem permanent and very lonely, and how animals can be a comfort even when you are in a relationship.

The art style is akin to shows and comics like Adventure Time (which is appropriate since Liz has written comics for one of their comic book spin offs). There is a decent amount of language, though I would generally think it is employed correctly. There’s not a lot of sexual content, though some is implied. Since these are web-comics, they tend to have a looser structure in terms of number of panels, number of words per strip (sometimes none, and sometimes a novel). They remind me a little of the structure of Matt Groenig’s Life In Hell comics (though with far less graphic depictions of sex between rabbits).

For a couple more days this book is included in the Humble Bundle, or you can pick it up for $3.99 at Comixology (which for a 106 page book isn’t bad). Overall, not a bad collection for a quick commiseration, laugh of reminiscence, or grateful reminder of things you don’t have to worry about anymore.

(3.5 Stars | The early stuff’s a little rough, but you’ll definitely find something to make you laugh)

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  1. you summed up the power of God in your critique, as a life partner you will never be let down, so in a nutshell, those who believe in the real God, are never alone, thanks for the contribution, blessings

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