Things I’ve learned from moving my office

Phase 2 of the office move was a roaring success. I still have a lot of clutter, but frankly my office has always been kind of a chaotic space. Moving my office has taught me a few things and I thought I’d share them.

1) IKEA directions do not have words. I also believe they invent a step or two just so you have to use the iconic Allen wrench.

2) A shim is your friend, especially in a basement that kind of dips toward the middle. A shim can be anything, pizza box lid, wooden dividers from an old CD rack. Also “shim” is not a particularly SFW Google image search.

3) You never know how much crap you have until you have to lug it across the house, and down a winding stairwell. And you have to figure out a new place for everything, some of which is the garbage can.

4) Build the new area fan first. Yes, basements are naturally cooler, but on a 90 degree day they can still be crazy hot.

5) Empty the dehumidifier when it beeps.

6) You didn’t bring the laz-y-boy downstairs for you. It’s so your beagle can have a new favorite spot.

7) Seriously, map out a whole day for putting together furniture. I didn’t know I had to build drawers when I bought the thing.

8) The thrift store is a great place to get under the desk organizers or additional small shelves. Also trash-picking.

9) Since I’m probably never going to move this stuff again, it’s a good time to actually go through everything. There’s that Star Trek game manual I’ve been looking for for years!

10) You can go to Target to buy a new fan and a small bin, and come home with Lego Batman 3, a piggy tea-light and a lamp that has a USB charger and outlet.

11) It’s a whole other world under desk furniture. These aren’t dust bunnies, they’re dust monsters!

I still have a whole lot of crap in my closet to go through, and my comic books are still sitting in bins till they have a space downstairs. In the meantime the future nursery is the comic-book reading room! Just joking honey.

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  1. Aaaand every single one of your readers just googled “shim.”

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