Time has not been kind to Han and Leia


Had a lot of fun this weekend at a costume party at Casa de Buckley as “geriatric” or “geezer” Han and Leia. We won a beautiful trophy and Lego set as “best costume of the night”, though I think the guy dressed as Zapp Brannigan deserved at least one vote. Couple of fun facts:

  • For my costume the only thing we had to buy was the walker and the gray spray. Those glasses are mine, an old pair from elementary school. Picture them with a bowl cut and you’ve got a general idea on how most of my early childhood went.
  • The walker I found for $5 at the Delaware Goodwill. The black vest is cut from a magician’s cloak I got from a work birthday party.
  • We went to multiple costume shops and could not find a Leia wig, though inexplicably they did have the “braids from Avatar”. My wife did an excellent job crafting the side buns from a witches hair wig that normally would go down to about her knees.
  • The mason jar contains ashes from our Chimnea and the following images on the top and side (Sorry Chewie!):
  • Chewbacca tear
  • Chewbacca (2) Edited
  • Though you can’t see it very well, my wife is wearing a shirt from my grandparent’s retirement home, Park Vista, something else I used to wear in middle school (as a night shirt I swear).

Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween, and may the force be with you.


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3 responses to “Time has not been kind to Han and Leia

  1. Penny Deel

    Looks great!

  2. I’ll give you eleven dollars if you use this as your author photo on Surreality.

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