Ten Forward – Stone Trek

Apologies to Mr. Buckley. Back when I showed him these in college it nearly ended our friendship.

In this installment of “Ten Forward” (covering the Star Trek official and fan expanded universes), I thought I’d bring out a real “blast from the past,” Stone Trek by Brian Matthews.


Stone Trek chronicles the adventures of James T. Kirkstone, Mr. Sprock, Dr. RcKoy and the rest of the crew of the stoneship Magnetize as they explore the galaxy while watching out for the deadly Kingosauruses.


As you can probably guess Stone Trek imagines Star Trek as a Flinstones style cartoon, complete with animals manning all important ship’s systems. The gags show a decent amount of knowledge of both shows, as well as numerous other sci-fi franchises including 2001 and Star Wars.

Highlights of the show included the two-part “Cave Man Trap” in which Captain Kirkstone must deal with a rock salt vampire in order to get Professor Crater to sign over two tickets to a planet “where the oceans are made of beer,” the Stone Trek version of the Firm’s classic Star Trekkin’, and the ways in which redshirt deaths are accounted for throughout the episodes.


Only a few episodes were actually made, though the website features stills from potential future episodes and parody titles. The end credits show some of these as well, including a personal favorite of mine with pointy tribbles.


By no means the cream of Star Trek fandom, but a rather unique take that oddly works. I could see Shatner fitting into the Fred Flinstone role quite naturally.

Anyone else watch this nonsense back in the day?


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2 responses to “Ten Forward – Stone Trek

  1. Stone Trek, a.k.a. “PTSD Trek”

  2. Brian Matthews

    Glad to hear you were amused by ‘Stone Trek’! -Brian Matthews

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