40 Min Stories

Forty-Minute Stories:

Most blog posts are written in 40 minutes, and so are these stories…

Pool – “Better to be lucky than good.”

Purple Crush – “It tastes … purple.”

Daddy’s Smile – “My wife says I’m not hairy, I’m furry.”


AI Week – Bullies


Eulogy For A Redshirt




Dave and John:

End of the world


Future Self

Real Life

Denied The Stars:

Serial Short Story

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Conclusion

Three-Minute Fiction Submissions:

After The Beep

Ganja Man – Written by my wife “The Little Red-Haired Girl”

Cube Picking

Turing Test:


Just A Few Lines Of Code

Reader’s Survey Suggestions:

Stories based on ideas from your fellow readers

Princess Pony And The Case Of The Missing Tiara

George Washington – Werewolf Hunter

Blind Date

All A Girl Wants Is A Big Rock

Copy Center:

An older series from about 10 years ago

The Dance

Have Wife, Will Travel

Two For The Price Of One

4 responses to “40 Min Stories

  1. Hi Ben. New to WordPress. Your blog looks very well done. Good luck with your writing. i’ll pop in and read now and then.

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