Consumers for Fairness in Manufacturing and Labor

We all like our gadgets, myself included, but it’s important to think about where our stuff comes from.

Our Challenge:

1) Pick ONE electronic device you own (cell phone, eReader, tablet, computer, etc.). It can be your latest gadget, or a device you use all the time.

2) Find out where your device was made.

3) Find out how much the workers who made your device are paid, the hours they work, and the conditions they work and live in.

4) Post what you’ve learned back here or on our Facebook group.

Or for the artistically inclined:

Prompt: Create a story/poem/piece of artwork from the perspective of one of the actors in the Apple factory situation. It can be from the perspective of the workers, owners of the factory, Apple executives, engineers or consumers.

Some places to get started:

The Daily Show – Fear Factory – The segment that first caught my attention.

NY Times – The Human Costs of Apple – NY Times coverage of Apple factory conditions.

The Reality Of Online Shopping – On Point coverage of Amazon fulfillment centers.

Blog Posts:

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