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See you next week


I’m here but I’m a little exhausted. Gonna read some Batman to recharge and work a little on the book before Easter. See you all next week. Happy egg seeking, chocolate rabbit consuming, and family time spending.

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Hello Greetings!

Welcome to the 2nd year of [BTW], and welcome to the nearly 100 of you who joined our merry band in the last few days! I thought this would be a good time to tell you a little about myself and what to expect from the coming year.

First of all my last name is pronounced Trub-ee. As in:

“Trube or not Trube” or “Too good Trube true”

There are many things you can rhyme it with such as a talking dog, or a part of the female anatomy.

You may occasionally see me mention “The Little Red Haired Girl” (and from time to time she even stops by). This is how my wife has come to be commonly known on the blog, and is also an allusion to my favorite comic strip, Peanuts. I also have a beagle named Simon and a cat named Dax (Jadzia not Ezri!).

As you may have guessed from my cat, or the post many of you read for the first time, I am a Star Trek fan. Don’t worry you won’t be subjected to fan fiction! I do, however, hold the “controversial” opinion that DS9 is better than TNG. If some of you need to leave now I understand.

I am a writer of fiction and non-fiction, working mostly in mystery and science fiction. I’m more of a “futuristic” science-fiction writer rather than writing about big galaxies and empires. I’m not a giant fan of the “crime procedural”, and am more a fan of the noir\puzzle style of mystery. The 40 minute stories on this blog, however, can be just about anything.

I am working furiously to finish a non-fiction book on fractals to be released digitally sometime, somewhere this quarter. For those of you who’ve never seen one, this is a fractal:



My Blog Banner is also a Fractal. Cool, huh?

In the past year I’ve become part of a great community of fellow bloggers who are always there with an interesting idea, comment, or even just a faithful “like”. I owe a large part of my continued existence here on the web to Brian, Ginger, Chuck, Jo, Mel, Paula, Dad, and of course “The Little Red Haired Girl” as well as the 109 of you who joined throughout the year. Thank you all so very much!

This year I’d like to do more 40 minute stories (maybe 20), try some new writing experiments (like the social writing project from last year), and continue to provide coverage of writing advice\thoughtstechnology or just about anything that strikes me. I’m also hoping to have a few surprises for you in the coming months, but details will have to wait.

Lastly, since many of you came here from a character development post, and since there are so many chain questionnaires going around the blogosphere, I thought I’d start one of my own. Introducing:

The Coffee Quiz!

1) How many cups of coffee per day? 5-6

2) What is your favorite caffeine delivery system? Goes between coffee and diet soda, interchangeably or both at the same time.

3) What was your best cup of coffee? Easily almost anything Crimson Cup brews.

4) What was your worst cup of coffee? Instant, Coke Black (Coffee flavored coke) and Blueberry Flavored Coffee.

5) What does your favorite mug say? The one at work says nothing, but can hold a full 4 cups. As for home I’m partial to my Ohio State Fight Song mug.

6) How do you take your coffee? Black.

7) When was your first cup? When I was 12 years old, on a cold campout in February and someone had forgotten the hot chocholate.

8) Have you ever gone on a coffee date? Yes, but I misinterpreted “get coffee” as “brew coffee” and instead served her home brewed black to someone who took Mocha’s mostly. Thankfully she still married me.

Alright, Brian, JoMel and Paula … What are your answers? Anyone else can feel free to answer too.

What does this have to do with character development you ask? Well, I just came up with eight questions about coffee. Does your character drink it? What other habits, experiences, preferences does your character have? What do these tell you about who they are as a person?

See you tomorrow and Happy New Year!

PS: I’m getting back to everyone on comments as quickly as possible. Thank you all for your likes, comments, follows and congratulations.


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