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Time has not been kind to Han and Leia


Had a lot of fun this weekend at a costume party at Casa de Buckley as “geriatric” or “geezer” Han and Leia. We won a beautiful trophy and Lego set as “best costume of the night”, though I think the guy dressed as Zapp Brannigan deserved at least one vote. Couple of fun facts:

  • For my costume the only thing we had to buy was the walker and the gray spray. Those glasses are mine, an old pair from elementary school. Picture them with a bowl cut and you’ve got a general idea on how most of my early childhood went.
  • The walker I found for $5 at the Delaware Goodwill. The black vest is cut from a magician’s cloak I got from a work birthday party.
  • We went to multiple costume shops and could not find a Leia wig, though inexplicably they did have the “braids from Avatar”. My wife did an excellent job crafting the side buns from a witches hair wig that normally would go down to about her knees.
  • The mason jar contains ashes from our Chimnea and the following images on the top and side (Sorry Chewie!):
  • Chewbacca tear
  • Chewbacca (2) Edited
  • Though you can’t see it very well, my wife is wearing a shirt from my grandparent’s retirement home, Park Vista, something else I used to wear in middle school (as a night shirt I swear).

Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween, and may the force be with you.


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