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Not much to say this morning other than stay warm out there. According to weather.com it’s 3 degrees (feels like -10) where I live and it’s even colder where I work (nothing says winter quite like 0 degrees Fahrenheit with -12 wind chills).

On the lighter side, I got stuck at the end of my driveway this morning. Turns out shoveling out the apron and even some into the street isn’t enough if you don’t have enough momentum. I managed to edge my way out by turning my wheels back and forth and praying, after which I proceeded to sit in my driveway and laugh for a good 30 seconds before trying to get going again.

Sure, I’d expected my doors to freeze open, and my heater to take forever to get up to temperature, but getting stuck in the middle of the road hanging out from my driveway? That’s a new one.

I’m gonna get a hot coffee cocoa and hope the day keeps going so well.

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Gravel in a blender

Well I’m in week two of my second cold of the winter season. The first cold ended with a lot of sinus stuff and congestion (i.e. going through tissues in bulk). This new cold decided to be creative and go down further in my throat to manifest as a cough, which mainly likes to go off when I’m trying to get to sleep. I’m lying on my side, and suddenly I wake myself up with a fit of coughing. Why the cat decided to sleep next to me through this I’m not really sure.

During the day I don’t feel so bad, but this winter season has just been difficult to wake up and get the writing work done that I want to do. When I’m feeling bad I have a much more escapist mentality, sinking my time into TV or even better video games. Ironically this last cold kicked off almost immediately after playing a game. I was playing Batman: Arkham Asylum on my lunch break and was feeling fine, but as soon as I stopped playing I realized I felt like crap. During the weekend following I spent most of the time I wasn’t asleep playing the game just to distract myself from how I was feeling, which was remarkably effective. This is probably how people starve themselves to death, but that’s one of the benefits of being married, my wife keeps me alive 🙂

Fortunately I’m starting to feel better before the holiday, but the holiday season isn’t exactly the best time to be productive either. And it’s cold outside and I always manage to forget to defrost my car before I have to go.

This is all by way of saying sorry I haven’t been blogging here nearly as often as I should. My intention is to find a way to hit the reset button and get everything going in the new year. I have been building up some ideas for more of a structure that hopefully you guys will like, and will make this easier for me to sustain even when I’m feeling crummy.

That said I have been enjoying the time off. Those Batman games are ridiculously immersive (I’m now on Arkham City). I used to play shooters more in college, but I actually like action platformers a little better now. Still combat to be sure, but less focused on a linear narrative of mowing down waves of stuff. Batman forces you to think about combat rather than button mashing, but not in an excessively complicated way. And he doesn’t kill which is nice too.

How have you been coping with winter?

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How was your drive today?

I’m probably going to be working a “straight eight”, so since I’m sitting here at work at the moment, I’m going to try and get the day’s writing quota out of the way instead of a regular blog post. In the meantime, how’s the weather where you are? The little red-haired girl was a trooper, waking up with me at 4:30am and helping me shovel out the driveway (she did most of it frankly, she’s kinda awesome). Stay warm my friends 🙂


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