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Plenty of letters left in the alphabet


The trailers for Star Trek Beyond have given a pretty strong indication that Pine-Kirk’s Enterprise kicks the bucket in this new movie, until the latest trailer just comes out and says it. The Enterprise has been destroyed.

As fans of the series know, this isn’t something new. Pretty much every iteration of Star Trek has an episode in which the ship blows up and everyone dies. Actually, if you’re a fan of The Physics of Star Trek, you can add any episode to the list that utters the phrase “Inertial dampers are offline”, because at the speeds they are usually traveling everyone would be a spot on the back bridge wall.


Today I will attempt (and likely fail) to provide an exhaustive list of episodes in which the Enterprise (or the main ship/station for DS9 and Voyager) is destroyed.

TOS (none): Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but aside from “The City on the Edge of Forever“, in which the Enterprise just disappears because of an alternate timeline, we never see it blow up until Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, still one of the best explosion scenes of the series. Several Constitution class ships are destroyed in the TOS run, but never our main girl.


  • Cause and Effect” – Ship blows up at the teaser and at every commercial break. We see Frasier as captain of a ship from the 23rd century.
  • Time Squared” – Seen through future Captain Picard’s log fragments. Especially love the effect of the ship being sucked backwards into a wormhole.
  • Parallels” – Worf keeps on slipping into alternate timelines including one in which he is married to Troi. Provides the impetus for their brief romance. Enterprise that blows up is one from an alternate timeline where the Borg have assimilated the alpha quadrant.
  • Yesterday’s Enterprise” – Technically we don’t see either C or D blow up, but C is being sent to its doom, and D is about to be destroyed with Picard at a flaming tactical.
  • All Good Things” – Several Enterprises are destroyed when trying to seal the breach in the universe, in the wrong order to prevent a time paradox (past, present, future *BOOM*).
  • Star Trek VII: Generations – Lursa and B’Etor are the ones who destroy the Enterprise, at the cost of their own lives. Not exactly what we expected of these characters. We get a saucer crash similar to what we’re seeing from Beyond, though a smoother descent. Data says “Oh, sh-t!” and Picard says the title of this post. Oh yeah, and Kirk dies (as the old joke goes with a bridge on him, instead of him on the bridge). If you read the old technical manual, this exact procedure for saving the saucer was detailed long before the movie came out.


  • Visonary” – O’Brien is able to make jumps about five hours into the future because of… radiation poisoning? One of his future jumps shows the destruction of DS9 by an unknown (*cough* ROMULAN *cough*) attack. Past O’Brien dies, future O’Brien instead of winking out of existence jumps to the past and assumes past O’Brien’s life. All’s well…?
  • The Changing Face of Evil” – The Defiant is destroyed in battle with the Breen and Dominion ships. This event is fixed and the Defiant only reappears as the renamed USS Sao Paulo a few episodes later. A bold choice for bold Trek.


  • The Year of Hell: Part 2” – My personal favorite. Voyager is attacked and battered over a long period. Janeway becomes increasingly driven and prone to taking unnecessary risks. Tuvok loses his sight. 7 of 9 becomes Tuvok’s caretaker and friend. In the final battle there’s a gaping hole in the front of the ship held only by a force-field before Janeway rams Voyager into a timeship to correct the timeline.
  • Deadlock” – A duplicate Voyager is created through … methods. Harry Kim dies when sucked out a hull breach. Harry Kim prime takes his place, along with baby Naomi Wildman. Duplicate Voyager blows up and somehow doesn’t destroy other Voyager occupying the same space.
  • Timeless” – Voyager crash lands on an ice planet after being thrown out of a quantum slipstream. 15 years in the future Harry Kim tries to save them by using Borg technology and a retrieved EMH. Cameo by Levar Burton. Another surprising Voyager highlight.
  • Course: Oblivion” – A duplicate Voyager created by their encounter with the demon planet eventually dissolves into nothing.


  • Twilight” – In an alternate timeline (catching the trend?) the future NX-01 Enteprise is crippled (the bridge is ripped off which is kind of a cool effect) and later destroyed while simultaneously curing Archer of a brain disease caused by time-parasites. Archer is able to restore his memory and the past. Woohoo.

I’m sure there are more so please share in the comments.

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More Technology From The Future: Star Trek and the PADD

Star Trek has always been a decent predictor of technology, from flip phone communicators to turbolift doors, and even hyposprays. But probably the most prescient device was the PADD (Personal Access Display Device).

Image Source: iO9

Image Source: io9

Not only did the PADD predict hand-held data entry and reading devices like the iPad and Kindle, it’s also one of the early cloud based devices. The PADD had the ability to tie into the main computer and download data on a particular book, technical document, image, or tech specification. They were even used for gaming, as Jake Sisko had quite an addictive Dom-jot habit (ah the perils of distraction even for the 24th century writer).

The devices were limited and special use. It seems like there ones for every shape and size task, and that they were handed between officers like paperwork in the mid twentieth-century. Most people say that we can get by on only a single device, yet even those of us who have tablets probably also have smart phones.

I have four of these “PADD’s” knocking around in my bag, and while they may have more functionality and storage, they’re just as specialized. One device can read my books to me and play limited games (and doesn’t get glare in the sun). Another is my primary library device, containing over 2000 books. My Kindle Fire is primarily a comic book reading device, and my other Android tablet is my auxiliary comic book and visual reference tablet (currently being used to look through 1000’s of RPG Maker image files). I suspect I’m not alone in this.

Image Source: Memory Alpha

Image Source: Memory Alpha

Our modern PADD’s come in all shapes and sizes, from full sized iPads to tiny smart phones, and we often do use a stylus to write (probably the only way I’ll be able to text on a smart-phone with my meat fingers).

Libraries today are already experimenting with the idea of having Kindles and iPads available for checkout, and Jeff Bezos has at times tried to make the Kindle as cheap as possible so that everyone has easy access to reading. In Bezos’ case part of the aim is to get people into the Amazon infrastructure, but still the idea of everyone having one of these devices, or even being able to just hand them out freely is enticing. I’ll always be a bit possessive with my gadgets, but the barriers to entry for tech like this are getting fewer.

And the specialized PADD’s in Star Trek do suggest an interesting idea for the future of book reading. eReaders have often been perceived as a threat to physical books, but there are ways to transform the digital tablet into a similar device, whether if it’s displaying the cover of the book you’re reading on the back, or by making a one off cheap tablet with navigation for a single book. I’ve always been more of a fan of general rather than single use products, but I think there is a happy medium to be found here.

Do you have multiple tablets, or you try to keep it to just one? What about the cloud? Do you like to read books on the device, or connect to the internet to read?

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10 Reasons Why Deep Space Nine Is Better Than Next Generation


Trust me it’s not. While Deep Space Nine may be hard for many hardcore Trekkies to embrace at first glance, if they don’t then they are missing out on some of the best Star Trek stories ever told. Here are ten reasons to take the plunge:

10) Benjamin Lafayette Sisko: Not only do we share a first name, but he’s another Captain who’s not afraid to rock the bald. From the very first season he’s defined as being different than a certain other bald Captain, in part because Picard killed Sisko’s wife (while he was Locutus but still…). Sisko’s a good guy with rough edges, who’s not afraid to tread into moral gray areas when it serves the greater good. His relationship with his son is also a real treat (no Wesley Crushers here), and one that carried on between the actors in real life. He also cooks cajun food, loves baseball and isn’t afraid to punch Q in the face.

9) The Best Ferengi Stories Ever Told: Ferengi’s play a prominent role on the station, centering around Quark, a bartender, and his family, his brother Rom and Rom’s son Nog who also happens to the best friend of Jake Sisko. On DS9 we meet the Nagus (inconceivable!), Quarks indomitable mother, and watch just how well Ferengi fair in courting Klingons. Gone are the marauder and flat characterizations of Next Gen, replaced with much more complex, and at times noble, characters.

8) The Best Klingon Stories Ever Told: Once a certain Starfleet Klingon joins the cast, all hell breaks loose. The treaty between the Federation and the Klingons is broken (we’re back to Original Series days man!). And even as things seem to be getting better the Chancellor of the empire may be a spy, or leading his people to certain doom. Plus Alexander grown up not quite how you would have expected.

7) Jadzia Dax: Those spots do go all the way down. ‘Nuff said.

6) Continuing Storylines: From the season 2 finale til the end of the show the threat of the Dominion, a new race of conquerors from the Gamma Quadrant, is looming. The Klingons are at war with the Federation, the Cardassians and sometimes themselves. Bajor is trying to rebuild after years of occupation, and is hurtling down a road to apocalyptic prophecies. And Odo, the station’s security chief and a shape-shifter, is trying to figure out who he is and how to tell the woman he loves how he feels.

5) Long Story Arcs: Two of the best sequences in the show are the Season 5 Finale and opening six episodes of Season 6, and the last 10 episodes of Season 7. Multi-part storylines, lots of peril for main and supporting characters.

4) The Defiant: Tough little ship isn’t even the half of it.

3) Complex Characters: Two of the most interesting villains\allies in the show are both Cardassian. One a former Obsidian order operative who’s full past is unknown and claims he is just a plain simple tailor. The other, the former head of the Bajoran occupation with a grandiose vision for his race, but a father’s love for his daughter. No one ends this show the way they began.

2) There was a firefight!: In a season six battle Starfleet’s fleet of 600 ships encounters 1254 Dominion\Cardaissian vessels. Never before has Star Trek been on such a massive scale.

And the number one reason is…

1) My wife will watch it with me!


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