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Some quick Amazon news besides the obvious


Some quick items from the world of Amazon self-publishing:

  • First off, the really good news, at least for those of us who self-publish niche books. Amazon has lowered the electronic funds transfer threshold to $0 for most of its international stores. In a nutshell this means I get paid for ANY sale I make on Amazon, even if I only sell one copy of Fractals You Can Draw in Italy (I’ve been getting Remittance Payment e-mails most of the day, i.e. I’m getting paid). The exception to this is Brazil where you still need $20 in sales to get issued a payment. Amazon makes up about half of my total sales, though still only about 25% of total profits, though this will certainly help.
  • About a month ago Amazon launched Kindle Countdown Deals. A book can be discounted for a period of time before automatically going back up to the regular list price. The discount has to be at least $1 and can be timed in several different increments over a period of time. For self-publishers this is once again exclusive to Kindle Select (Amazon only) books. It’s pretty likely that Surreality will be an Amazon exclusive book (at least initially) so I may try this out when that book is launched. Nook sales seem to be significantly lower than Amazon sales, due in part I think to the perception that Nooks are on the way out (it’s only the tablets, they’re still making eReaders). And while Surreality is hopefully the first book in a series of books, I don’t have a good bundle for it to use Bundle Dragon (though I might have some other ideas you’ll just have to wait and see).
  • In the fall Amazon launched Kindle MatchBook which offers discounted or free eBook versions of your past physical book purchases (Matchbook eBook prices have to be either free, $0.99, $1.99 or $2.99). In my case this was one book, Philip K. Dick’s The Man In The High Castle, a book I bought for a class nine years ago, which later became ineligible. From the looks of it, if you self-publish a book on CreateSpace, you can enroll it in Matchbook, though again everything has to be Amazon exclusive. I just got Brian’s excellent poetry book in the mail on Wednesday from CreateSpace and have to admit I might want to try it for Surreality. If I do I expect I will significantly discount the eBook for anybody who buys the physical book.

Enjoy your weekend!


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