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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Me (Or Wish You Didn’t)

In the continuing spirit of “getting to know you” and my fondness for lists, here are some things you may not know about me:

1) The first story I ever wrote was about the Muppet Babies.

2) The first detective story I ever wrote was “Detective Ben”. He wore glasses, and solved the mystery of the missing corn dog sticks at the Canfield Fair.

3) Between 6th-8th grade I wrote a number of stories in a fan Star Trek series called Star Trek 25 (they took place in the 25th century). The main ship was the Excalibur (written before Peter David’s New Frontier series I might add), and the captain’s name was Benjamin Randolph who had been brought forward from the 20th century to command the Excalibur. His first officer was named Chris after my first best friend.

4) My favorite Enterprise is NCC-1701-A.

5) The first nickname I can remember giving a girlfriend was Imzadi (thanks again Peter David). It means “beloved” in Betazoid.

6) The sci-fi series Atlantia is a part of was first conceived in the 7th grade, from a series of ship schematics I drew on graph paper. I assure it has evolved quite a bit since then (I know SVG).

7) I spent a year in the 9th grade writing a Star Trek episodic game for the TI-83 calculator (in the Star Trek 25 universe). The text would not fit on the calculator’s memory and had to be included in a separate booklet (a la Wasteland).

8) I have worn the same size shoes since about the 7th grade, size 14.

9) My beard was cultivated in my freshman year of college. Earlier attempts were patchy and kinda skeevy looking.

10) At various points in my life my wife has been able to French braid my hair. She is threatening to do the same to my beard.

11) I have watched an episode of Power Rangers within the last year (damn you Netflix!)

12) I used to record episodes of Home Improvement off the radio and listen to them instead of watch them.

13) I used to root for Michigan *sob*.

14) In the 6th grade during our Shakespeare showcase I gave a speech that began with the line “Oh it is excellent to have a giant’s strength”.

15) There is a Trube song. It is to the tune of Zombie by the Cranberries. It is not about me, however, but my Dad. The only song about me I can remember is “Ben Trube from Alabama, king of the wild frontier” from Boy Scouts. I’m not sure why I’m from Alabama.

Anyone else want to share?


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