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20 Ways To Avoid Writing

  1. Sleep: “20 more minutes will make my morning writing session go so much better.”
  2. Read comic books: “Sandman is practically literature, and Fables is good since Once has gone downhill.”
  3. Watch TV: “I can’t believe I’ve let five Parks and Rec stack up on the DVR!”
  4. Play with your dog: “Who’s a good boy!”
  5. Eat Mexican Food: “I definitely won’t be feeling sluggish after eating this burrito. More queso!”
  6. Watch Football: “Is that good enough for you BCS? Did we win convincingly this time?”
  7. Play a video game: “Ooh! New Wadjet Eye on GOG! And a new Indie Royale Bundle!”
  8. Do writingish things: “Let’s reformat this one more time. Time to generate another eBook copy.”
  9. Eat Pizza: “Papa John’s, Donato’s , Belleria, Anges or Pizza House?”
  10. Do a character study for a future book: “I’m going to look at this when I write this book in two years.”
  11. Play with technology: “What’s the right combination of books, apps and videos to have on my tablet right now?”
  12. Delete your e-mail: “Stupid G-mail. Why delete it? Because I have 30,000 e-mails that’s why!”
  13. Eat Chinese Food: “I don’t know what yum yum sauce is but I could drink the stuff.”
  14. Clean up your office: “Or I could just go to a coffee shop to work again.”
  15. Look at Facebook: “That George Takei is amazing. Eau My cologne? Priceless.”
  16. Look at WordPress: “I think I need a new header, and where’s code for a progress bar?”
  17. Look at Sales Stats: “Woohoo! Someone else loves fractals!”
  18. Play with your cat: “Ouch!”
  19. Drink Fancy Beer: “I love a good Scottish Porter. You know it’s good if you can’t see through it.”
  20. Write a list instead of a blog post. “I’m sure no one will mind!”


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