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Take A Break

Hello everyone. Missed you guys last week.

Not that I was ever really away. Between checking views several times a day, and a flood of ideas it’s like I never left.

Often brief breaks in the blog, when not prompted by trips, are a way to get a little more time to work on my WIP or refill my brain bucket. Sometimes I just need to relax.

But it’s hard for a writer to get away from writing. Writing by it’s very nature is obsessive. We think about it constantly, new ideas can pop up ay any moment, and we’ll use any free scrap of paper or electronic device handy to get it down. I’m writing this now since I have some time before church starts and I had to revert to my Kindle Touch since my tablet lost its charge.

Even when we try not to think about it, writing creeps into every moment. Our subconscious works out solutions to plot or character problems. As a blogger we look at our lives, our work and the world around us all as potential posts. Sometimes the fractal book is all I talk or think about.

Maybe it’s particular to me. I have a hard time slowing down my thoughts, emptying my mind. Even simple things like taking a walk or sitting in a quiet sanctuary do not quiet my mind. I’m lucky my body is so tired when I go to bed or I wouldn’t sleep. One would think this would lead to a burnout.

Maybe it’s a little like the difference between intraverts and extroverts. Instead of being drained, thinking about the writing energizes me. But I still think it’s valuable to be able to slow down. Not distract myself, video games and TV do a fine job of that, but to stop and take a breath.

How do you recharge, or are you ever able to stop thinking about writing?

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