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Another DTD

For those who were not aware, “Dead Trube Day” is a reference to the online comic Megatokyo, specifically the days where the author was unable to complete a regularly scheduled comic. There is no need for concern (some of you seemed worried). You can see the first “Dead Piro Day” here.

Some quick updates on publishing matters relating to previous posts:

  • Paulo Coelho who we discussed here has decided to sell a dozen of his titles on Amazon at the discounted price of 99 cents. The effort seems similar to digital music pricing which attempts to encourage people to buy at a smaller fair price rather than steal. Some of his titles sound pretty interesting so get them while you can I guess!
  • I’ll try to find out more about this one, but apparently Target will no longer be selling the Kindle due to “conflict of interest“. There’s speculation that this might mean a Target Tablet or another partnership. Be interesting to see how it shakes out.
  • And finally here’s a link on the Nook’s ridiculous campaign that it is “better in bed” than the Kindle. The Fire glows in the dark too, and even with the brightness set all the way down, and the text set to white on black, my wife cannot sleep unless I turn the thing off. The Nook or the Fire are only good in bed if you want to sleep alone!

Off to meetings. See you tomorrow.

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