The Sky Below (New chapter every other Thursday)

What would you do if your world turned upside down?

TheSkyBelowCoverThe Sky Below is a serialized novella following the aftermath of a world-wide disaster where down is up and up is down, seen through the eyes of four residents of Cleveland, Ohio. A new chapter is released every other Thursday with a total of 25-26 chapters expected. Each chapter centers around several of four people: a baseball player, a lawyer, a pastor and a nurse as they try to deal with a world that has literally gone topsy-turvy.

You can download the latest chapter from the blog, or read all the current chapters in handy eReader formats on the Internet Archive. (Or you could just click any of the links below):

The Story Thus Far (Contains Chapters 1-10)


Chapter One (PDF, Original Post) – A nurse finds a place to rest her feet, a pastor tries to enjoy a quiet morning, a baseball player strives to break his slump and a lawyer just wants a donut and a cheap cup of coffee.

Chapter Two (PDF, Original Post) – A baseball player wonders if his stadium is being carried off by Magneto and a nurse realizes the ceiling makes a better ceiling than a floor.

Chapter Three (PDF, Original Post)A lawyer makes a latte on her hand and a pastor witnesses an act of God.

Chapter Four (PDF, Original Post) – A baseball player copes with the loss of the Kielbasa Kid, and kielbasa.

Chapter Five (PDF, Original Post) – A nurse tries to help the people in front of her and a lawyer makes the tough call.

Chapter Six (PDF, Original Post) – A pastor’s faith is tried and a baseball player eats his last hot dog.

Chapter Seven (PDF, Original Post) – A nurse is reunited with a friend with an unusual talent, and a sister says goodbye for the last time.

Chapter Eight (PDF, Original Post) – A baseball team deals with the loss of their teammate, and a lawyer goes out of the donut shop and into the fire.

Chapter Nine (PDF, Original Post) – A pastor tells the story of how he met his wife, and a nurse must decide who to leave behind.

Chapter Ten (PDF, Original Post) – An addict lays out his vision of the world to come, and a lawyer tries to talk her way to safety.


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